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    The Exorcist: Legion VR

    Download The Exorcist: Legion VR Download PC Game Cracked – The Exorcist: Legion VR is an interactive VR experience set in the academy-award winning world created by horror maestro William Peter Blatty. Each chapter features a unique demonic entity that will test your courage and resolve. Available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Not for […] More

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    Lop Nor Zombie VR

    Download Lop Nor Zombie VR (HTC Vive) Download PC Game Cracked – In a west lab of Lop Nor, staff were infected by virus and become to Zombies. Soldier 9527 discovered the threaten and entered the town to investigate what happened in the town. You have to survive by killing all the zombies you met. […] More

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    VRZ: Torment

    Download VRZ: Torment Download PC Game Cracked – Be immersed into Purgatory Island of undead and dying. Solve mysteries to escape while trying to survive. The undead are rising, zombie skags are swarming the land, and your end is fast approaching! Arm yourself, uncover what you need to survive, and escape the inescapable. More

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    Carnival Games VR

    Download Carnival Games® VR Download PC Game Cracked – Carnival Games VR brings an immersive virtual reality experience, allowing you to explore the park, interact with patrons and play up to 12 different games. Enter a themed Carnival Alley where you can play a game and earn tickets for virtual prizes or unlock another game. […] More

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    Hot Runback VR Runner

    Download Hot Runback – VR Runner Download PC Game Cracked – Have you ever actually run while playing runners? Or you just sit and watch your character run on a smartphone screen without burning any single calorie? Now you have a chance to experience some-thing completely new, run your character through troubles, while actually run […] More

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    Duck Season Halloween Update

    Download Duck Season Download PC Game Cracked – The game of your dreams just dropped, DUCK SEASON, a hunter with ridiculous graphics. Luckily, it’s summer vacation and Mom just surprised you with a one day rental of it! Unfortunately, as you binge play it becomes apparent that all is not right with Duck Season… More

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    Organ Quarter VR

    Download Organ Quarter Download PC Game Cracked – Organ Quarter is a VR survival horror game built from the ground-up for hand-tracked virtual reality. Explore labyrinthine environments, engage in tense combat, carefully manage your resources and solve horrifying puzzles in this homage to the slow, methodical survival horror experiences of the ’90s. Delve into the […] More

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    Slasher VR

    Download Slasher VR Download PC Game Cracked – Set in the world of the horror series Slasher, the Slasher VR choose-your-own-adventure experience places you in the creepy town of Waterbury as an undercover reporter investigating The Executioner’s horrific series of murders. As the body count rises, it’s up to you to bring a fresh pair […] More

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    Cat Sorter VR

    Download Cat Sorter VR Download PC Game Cracked – This wacky VR party game is great for just about anyone. Finally a Vive room-scale game where you get to sort cats and compete for the highest score! More

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    The Talos Principle VR

    Download The Talos Principle VR Download PC Game Cracked – The Talos Principle VR is a virtual reality version of Croteam’s critically acclaimed first-person puzzle game in the tradition of philosophical science fiction. More