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    Lumberjack VR

    Download Lumberjack VR Download PC Game Cracked – Experience the thrilling life of a Lumberjack in virtual reality with Lumberjack VR, an arcade action game for the HTC Vive. Fight your way through waves of logs, lumber and bombs with nothing but an axe in your hand. More

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    Nanoshift VR

    Download Nano Shift Download PC Game Cracked – Search for secrets and hidden evidence of humanity’s broken past in this tensely immersive Room-Scale VR puzzle mystery game. Navigate your way through houses, prisons, and through time, piecing together clues of who released the Nano Virus that still ravages the surface to this day. More

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    Download SweeperVR Download PC Game Cracked – Minesweeper has finally come to Virtual Reality! Flag, count, and open cells in this fully 3D, yet familiar, reinvention of the classic game. Professional mine-defusers and newbies alike will be able to enjoy the challenges and gameplay of SweeperVR. More

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    The baron got you again VR

    Download The baron got you again Download PC Game Cracked – In The baron got you again you play as a secret agent, prisonner from a cell in the middle of Argentina, inside the secret base of the vile Baron Von Rimmel. Your mission : escape, and as fast as possible. Search the different rooms […] More

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    Vinyl Reality

    Download Vinyl Reality Download PC Game Cracked – Vinyl Reality is the first DJ mixing application that accurately recreates a traditional DJ setup in virtual reality. Whether you’re a professional DJ, or a beginner interested in learning, Vinyl Reality gives you all the tools you need to play an amazing DJ set in virtual reality! More

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    VR Squash 2017

    Download VR Squash 2017 Download PC Game Cracked – Real competitive squash experience in VR – feel hitting the ball with your virtual racket! Beat four increasingly difficult AI enemies in squash with your skills! The unique enemies will use different tactics to try to defeat you, difficulty is ranging from Sam the Slow to […] More

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    VR Table Sports

    Download VR Table Sports Download PC Game Cracked – Three table sports simulator in one game! Play Foosball, Ping pong and Air hockey with your friends and other people from around the world. Meet them in different places with various avatars and have fun together 🙂 More

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    Sparc VR

    Download Sparc Download PC Game Cracked – Sparc is a vSport – a unique physical sport only possible in virtual reality, in which players compete in fast-paced, full-body VR gameplay and connect in an online community. More

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    Barrels Up VR

    Download Barrels Up Download PC Game Cracked – You’ve spent the night cavorting at the Pistolrock saloon only to come out and see that Jeopardy James has sent his army of barrel goons onto you. Defend yourself and use what you can find around you to fight through the waves of barrels as fast as […] More