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    Past Cure-CODEX + Update 3-CODEX

    Download Past Cure Download PC Game Cracked – Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. An intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that challenges the player to use mind-bending mental abilities to survive. After years of torture, former elite soldier Ian lives in a safe house with his brother, […] More

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    Factory of Monsters-PLAZA

    Download Factory of Monsters Download PC Game Cracked – A big and strange factory suddenly apeares in the city. Monsters emerge here and there.Officer of Star Troops, Su Anya, will come to the earth to help the army in the city.When she arrives at the destination,howerver, forests, mountains, and magic lives stop her marching forward… More

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    The Dark Inside Me Chapter 1-CODEX

    Download The Dark Inside Me Download PC Game Cracked – Psychological horror adventure game from a horror movie director based on dynamic scenario. The Dark Inside Me, is a very unique psychological horror adventure game from a horror movie director Ak├žay Karaazmak, based on dynamic interactive scenario. More

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    Milanoir v1.0.0.193

    Download Milanoir Download PC Game Cracked – Inspired by the Italian crime flicks of the ’70s revered by Quentin Tarantino, Milanoir is a pixel-packed action game set in the violent city of Milan. Come meet Piero, a convict suddenly released from prison looking for revenge over the man who framed him. More

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    Download Cursed Lands Download PC Game Cracked – Defeat the evil lurking in Castle Of N’Mar in this RPG/dating sim game More

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    Highway Blossoms Remastered-DARKSiDERS

    Download Highway Blossoms Download PC Game Cracked – The gold rush has struck the west for a second time. Highway Blossoms is the story of Amber, a girl trying her best to be alone on the road until she stumbles upon a young hitchhiker and the journal of a prospector from long ago. More

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    Download Piopupu Download PC Game Cracked – Why is this young girl lost in a trance? Why does the kitchen always give out shrill screams in the midnight? Why there are endless water stains on the bar counter? What is happening in the billiard room? The Black Eight is missing again? What’s behind all of […] More

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    Download Mirror Download PC Game Cracked – This is a game that combines gem elimination, simple GALGAME elements and beauties.If you want to learn more about those beauties, you need to defeat them during the battle of gem elimination.Your plot selection behavior in the game will ultimately determine their fate. More

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    Stonewall Penitentiary-PLAZA

    Download Stonewall Penitentiary Download PC Game Cracked – 7 Suspects. 1 Killer. Stonewall Penitentiary is an indie murder mystery adventure that is presented in the visual style of graphic novels. Discover why you and six others were kidnapped by an unknown captor as you search an eerie prison and solve mind-bending puzzles to determine “whodunit”! More