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    To Hell with Hell v1.0.0.1743

    Download To Hell with Hell Download PC Game Cracked – In To Hell with Hell Natasias personal apocalypse has arrived as she find herself in hell in a battle against an army of darkness. In a classic Bullet Hell rogue-like crawler she’ll survive deadly traps and fight dozens and dozens of mad demonic enemies. More

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    Lust for Darkness-CODEX + Update v20180719-CODEX

    Download Lust for Darkness Download PC Game Cracked – A psychological horror of seeking satisfaction on the border of two intertwining worlds. An intriguing plot with erotic and occult themes guides the player’s character through the Yelvertons’ Victorian mansion and a perverse land inspired with Lovecraft’s works and paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński. More

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    Contagion VR: Outbreak

    Download Contagion VR: Outbreak Download PC Game Cracked – Built exclusively for VR, Contagion VR: Outbreak will immerse you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse! Relive the stories of multiple survivors, team up with your friends in any of our cooperative multiplayer modes, or test your skills against other players in one of our […] More

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    Gray Dawn-CODEX + Update v1.1-CODEX

    Download Gray Dawn Download PC Game Cracked – Gray Dawn is a psychological thriller infused with religious elements seen through beautiful and terrifying worlds. You play as Father Abraham, a priest trying to find the missing altar boy. The game combines story driven quests with an artistic experience More

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    Infinite Vector

    Download Infinite Vector Download PC Game Cracked – As a “Time Traveling Assassin” you are tasked with going back in time to take out the bad guys who ruined the future as we know it. You wield powers such as super speed, teleportation, and the ability to use anything in your environment to your advantage, […] More

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    Salt and Sanctuary v1.0.0.8

    Download Salt and Sanctuary Download PC Game Cracked – Explore a haunting, punishing island in this stylized 2D action RPG. Salt and Sanctuary combines fast and brutal 2D combat with richly developed RPG mechanics in a cursed realm of forgotten cities, blood-soaked dungeons, and desecrated monuments. More

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    Download Visitor 来访者 Download PC Game Cracked – Visitor is a full-motion video (FMV) detective suspense game. The game tells a story that on a winter night in 2017, a murder case happened in a residential building, a prostitute Shasha died in her own home. Players, playing the role of police, should make a painstaking […] More

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    GARAGE Bad Trip

    Download GARAGE: Bad Trip Download PC Game Cracked – Garage is a bloody topdown shooter inspired by VHS era B-movies. You play as an ex drug dealer named Butch, who single-handedly slays hordes of living dead to save a girl. More

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    Mad Crown v0.1.21.6901

    Download Mad Crown Download PC Game Cracked – Mad Crown is a strategic adventure game combined with roguelike elements. As an explorer, you, in quest of the legendary crown, use limited resources and meticulous tactics to fight the eerie enemy in random Ruins. What awaits you is an unpredictable fear. More